The joys of creation

I was scrolling along on Tumblr and came across this.

I try to follow as many inspirational things as possible because I think it’s important to be surrounded and reminded of positivity.

Thought this was well said!



Christmas time

Has come around yet again, the beautiful snow flakes falling to the ground and the cold whispers of holiday spirit all around.

This year I think may be the best yet, I finally feel happy about where I am and most importantly who I am. I have such a wonderful family and great friends around me who continue to show me support and love.

I know that there are a lot of people who are still struggling around this time and they are all in my prayers, strength and love are the most important things to have and to hold on to.

I hope all of you really cherish and spend as much time with your family as much as possible and really understand how thankful you should be for everything you have, I know I have seen things in a different light as of late.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year

(Ps eat as much as you can, I know I will!)

I love you all.

Sam xoxoxox



As much as I love the changing of seasons, I’m pretty sure everyone can agree they dislike the cold.
Maybe it’s because I don’t do any winter activities but when November rolls around it just makes me want to cuddle by the fire and never leave my house!!!

I think I just need a vacation..
Let’s all run away to somewhere tropical!



My Favourite time of the year! What more could you want than free candy and being able to dress up in cool costumes??

I always get nervous trying to pick a costume but this year I think I got it right!

My cute little Mario costume from comic con :)



is THE single greatest feeling in the world.

Honestly, once you bring love into your life there’s no turning back.

I mean what isn’t there to love about love. hehe

Being able to share every moment, every secret, all your hopes and dreams with someone and for them to support you; to help and you & to push you is what we all strive for. The ultimate best friend.


As a songwriter love is probably the most powerful emotion and inspiration for songs. Although, yes I admit, it’s a lot easier to write about heartache and throw in some killer guitar solo’s next thing you know its a rock hit. BUT, when you finally get a hold of a great feeling, one that has to come out, the one that’s got you smiling on the bus like a silly little girl those.. those are the ones you never forget.


The songs you look back at and say “wow, i remember how that felt” and regardless of what path the story took after the song, you can never look back at a love song and be anything but happy and content.

I still look back today at old love songs and couldn’t be happier that at one time I felt that happy. I have tried to write a couple but none came out till I met him.


He inspires me to be everything I want to be and more, he pushes me and doesn’t let me stop. He’s my best friend, my ultimate best friend and the way he makes me feel is like no other. I’m in the process of making video’s, but you’re definitely going to want to hear these ones..


When Bruce met Diana.. everything changed.


I’ll post something soon!

Loveyou xo



This is the worst website in the world. When you’re excited, when you’re bored, it’s always there taunting you and showing you really awesome stuff you just can’t live without. One product catches your interest, then next thing you know you’ve bought 4 of them in different colors.. 


The WORST, is the ones that seem too good to be true then there’s the shipping fee.. Shipping fee’s should be destroyed as far as i’m concerned, why advertise 2$ products with 30$ shipping! Ridiculous! Image


Maybe i’m addicted, i’ll admit it, but I like things, i want stuff and im a shopaholic who can’t say no to free shipping. 


Sigh.. eBay you’ve done it to me again. 

You win today, but you better deliver my goods soon!! *waves fists* 


is the best feeling.

Grooving along all day to something that just makes me happier and happier. Memories, Love, Happiness. Music brought me you and is the foundation of our love. I’ll never forget the day we met, how you kissed me, how we laughed.

Music is my life, my career and my love. 

Without it I’d be nothing.

My best friend, My lover the light at the end of the road. 

When I close my eyes, you’re the song I hear, the picture I paint, the art I create. 


I love you unconditionally.


To the moon and back

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